«MK» is a name known to true connoisseurs of tea for more than fifty years as a standard of quality and loyalty to traditions. Enjoy the charm of an exquisite tea party, trying the entire collection with the image of an Elephant.

  • Black Indian small leaf tea 100g and 250g
    Black Indian tea bags, 50g
  • Black Indian medium leaf tea with bergamot flavour 100g, 250g and 500g
    Black Indian tea bags with bergamot flavour, 50g
  • Black ceylon long leaf tea Pekoe, 100g and 250g
  • Black ceylon long leaf tea O.P.A.,90g, 200g, and 400g
    Black ceylon tea bags 50g
  • Black Kenyan CTC tea, 100g and 250g
    Black Kenyan tea bags 50g
  • Green Chinese long leaf tea, 100g and 250g
    Green Chinese tea bags,50g
  • Green Chinese tea bags with jasmine flavour, 50g