Tea plantations M K JokaiAgri Plantations were acquired by Mr.Shah gradually, since 1990. Then the first of them was bought - Nangdala in the area of Duars, in West Bengal. In 2005, Mr.Shah made a profitable investment for the company and purchased the following plantations: Bokel, Muttuck, Hattiali, Panitola, Nalani and Daisajan.


Nangdala tea plantation is one of the most famous plantations of the Duars. Nangdala is the only plantation of MK Jokai, located outside Assam. Thanks to the recently modernized production, Nangdala is able to produce CTC tea along with whole leaf and is popular among buyers who want to get quality at a reasonable price in combination with the classic piece of Duars.


Panitola is more a landmark in the tea industry than just a tea plantation. The unique quality of the tea radio In its top, on the plantation grow clones such as N - 436 and P-126. Panitola produces teas with rich infusion and beautiful packaging, which are well known among buyers around the world.


Tea plantation Bokel is one of the most important tea gardens MK Jokai. The plantation is widely known for the consistency of its drinks and the reliable quality of the tea leaf. It produces teas of one of the best quality in the world, with a pleasant, rich, pronounced drink


The Nalani plantation is located on the Bank of the Dibru river and is adjacent to the Brahmaputra river. Teas from this plantation are strong and invigorating and have a rich color.


Daisajan plantation is located in the «Golden belt» of the tea town of Doom Doom in upper Assam. The plantation has modern production facilities and produces some of the best leaf teas. Daisajan brand is famous for its harmonious taste and appearance of tea leaves.


Plantation Muttuck is located in the district of Dibrugarh, in upper Assam. The plantation extends over 340 hectares and produces high-quality whole-leaf and CTC teas. These teas have become widely known in different countries, especially in Germany, Russia, Iran and other countries of Western Asia, where they are exported.


Hattiali plantation is the embodiment of age-old traditions. Hattialli tea created its own heritage and became known as the pearl of the famous tea gardens MK Jokai. The plantation is known for its typical golden leaf teas of high quality, the infusion of which combines vivacity and softness.