AO Classic Company is focused on modernization and tea production automation. All products of AO Classic
undergo double quality control – from picking in India to final tea packaging in Russia.

Furthermore, product quality is largely dependent on the correct collection of the leaf tea. If the young shoots
not collected in time, they grow coarse, the quality of tea is deteriorated and a harvest is reduced.

The manufacturing process of tea starts with withering young leaves. The purpose of this process is to reduce
moisture and impart elasticity (softness) necessary for the further process for the production of twisting
of the leaf tea or crushing — for the production of granulated tea (CTC). The main purpose of the process —
to receive the cell sap of the leaves on the surface where it is exposed to air. Thus, fermentation is started
while twisting the leaves. In the fermentation process the tea leaves receive the red-brown shade.

The next process is drying the leaves in a stream of hot air. The purpose is to fix the properties of tea leaves
that have formed in it during the fermentation by termination of enzymes by the action of heat.
During the drying of excess moisture is also removed.

Following fermentation and drying the tea semifinished product which is subjected to further processing — sorting.
Sorting implies separation of tender and coarser leaves, which differ from one another both in appearance
and quality.

Green tea is produced from the same green leaves as black, but in the production of green tea instead
of the fermentation process produce the inactivation of ferments by exposure to heat
(roasting, steaming, treatment with hot air).